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A Day For Acknowledgement and Action

A Day For Acknowledgement and Action

The Good Relations Pledge can become a part of your story today.

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Hi Community,

Here is Carmen Baraka - Smudging the United Nations Member Flags in New York in 2018. She spoke on our Intentional Creativity panel at the United Nations Commission on the Status of women about the rights of Indigenous Women and Girls and the situation here in the United States since the on-going genocide began here.

The people from other countries were SHOCKED to learn of how the United States has navigated our relations with the First Peoples of this Land. I am too. Here is one thing we can do. Pause and read the Good Relations Pledge out loud. Feel it, know it, explore it, and sign and then BELIEVE you have taken a first and important action. If you are in community with Indigenous peoples, reach out in your way. Share as appropriate. Share the pledge with your community and family. Let’s make change one person at a time.

Carmen served as Elder and Ceremonialist at Cosmic Cowgirls and Musea for over ten years. She is our ancestor now and I honor her with this sharing. She worked on this with me, providing not just inspiration and insight - but direction. Thank you to all of our community members who supported the creation of this small but mighty step in repair, especially Crystal Charlotte Easton, Anasuya Isaacs, Semerit Strachan, Dawn Karolides and more. MANY hands went into this offering.

I also wish to acknowledge Carmen’s presence as being the catalyst for the 500 year vision of the Cura Council.

Thinking of you.

Curate Shiloh Sophia

Sunrise on the vineyards and Mayacamas Mountains in Napa, California

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