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A First Step in Healing Revealed

A First Step in Healing Revealed

Hidden in plain site no more☀️🌙

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Intro to the Podcast (This is not the podcast, please read this first. There is also a transcript of the teaching)

Precious One,

Today we speak of answers. Usually I speak of inquiries. Today we make a change in awareness. As you listen, watch for a REAL and TRUE and LASTING shift in your relationship with your SELF. What we will reveal, you already know, but today, we invite you to know it, newly. Ready?

First About Us to Create Context: We at the Cura Council come with Teachings that we “Guardian”: Protect, Preserve, Practice, Promote and Propser. We are offering you these teachings over time with Wheel of the Year Ceremony journey, audio podcasts and imagery. Those of us in MUSEA’S ORIGINS Intentional Creativity Guardian Training are living the teachings called Care For Creation Curriculum and in time, we reveal them to the greater community.

The Cura Council is “ALL OF US” who choose from all different parts of the community, yet guided by our graduates, called the Guild. The Guild run our entire community and company structure, they are the initiates and the inheritors of this potent legacy passing from hand to hand and heart to heart.

We will continue to reveal the Frameworks of the Cura Council so that you can know clearly who is here, what we are about, what we care about and how we go about the healing journey. You know if you are part of our kin-clan, tribe, circle by how you feel when you engage with us. Not sure yet, stick around, it gets better, goes deeper and leaves a trail for weary to rest.

While the first step is choice, understanding is a part of the very next action. While it remains just a choice, we first need to know it exists. For us, healing begins with a choice first, followed by an awareness of the parts of our innate design that we are aware of at this point in our journey. Ultimately yes it is a mystery, yet language, physiology, archeo-mythology and creation stories from all times point to three things: Spirit (energy), Soma (body) and the Soul (Self Space) in which we occur. AND the story we tell about all of it through our Identity. This basic understanding of our structural composition, our is-ness for us, is the origin point where healing begins. This is spirit and science dancing in splendor. Our awareness of our natural being-ness and our choice to engage is our consent to continue in a good way.

The understanding shared today is the foundational inquiry and answer with the mending and repair that we will work with in Temple - The Artist Erotic. We offer the teachings freely to all, yet the experiences that happen sin our chosen circle-based sacred containers are where we engage with the depth work through experience and Intentional Creativity. All of our Graduate-Level Origins students are taking this experience with all of you coming from the community. That’s how much it matters.

To truly make change, we must LIVE the change. Not just know the change. Change, and healing must be felt.

What can be felt can be moved.
What can be moved can be healed.
What can be healed, can liberate us.

Liberation is what we seek.

Temple Course

I am about to go into a two hour live-stream with our Musea University Origins Cohort. They are the carriers of this wisdom and will be able to share it with you in their own unique way in time. We pray for you and we ask you pray also for us, as we are doing our sacred work so that we can offer our sacred work to our greater world in times of great need, like right now. We healers, guides, alchemists love to be held in the prayers of the community we serve.

Feel free, and be encouraged to comment on your experience in listening and share your wisdom and experience with the material. We are ONE voice among so many with this information, yet we present it in the way that we do because we are healers and artists committed to causing evolutionary consciousness and transformations.

None of the Teachings are fixed in space or place. Trying to identify them causes the loss of some magic ~ yet it gives us a place to begin. Hidden in plain sight no more. Seen. Heard. Welcomed and Practiced.

Much love flowing,

Curate Shiloh Sophia

Wild Water Creek in Two Raven Canyon on the very first day we walked the land.

The Cura Council
The Cura Council Podcast
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