500 Vision Year for a Quantum Commons and a Calling to Ceremonial Gathering following the Wheel of the Years

Who are we?

We are a community offering seasonal ceremonies and story circles Guided by Curate Shiloh Sophia and the Guardians of Intentional Creativity®.

We come from a lineage of Art Matriarchs who passed on ideas of how to live this life to us in a good and conscious way. They taught us to live with intentional creativity and love at the center of our choices. We pass the teachings and ceremonies onto you so you can pass it to the people in your life.

Our Great Work in this unfolding story of our lives is to:

1. Gather: Call people to gather in ceremony, a return to tribe/clan/circle
2. Celebrate: Honor the cycles of creation and elements 8 times a year
3. Evolve: Explore the innate capacities of each person and how we live
4. Create: Summon each of us to be wildly self-expressed
5. Discover: Learn the Care for Creation Teachings and become a guardian
6. Certainty: Create a sense of continuity in a world that feels so uncertain
7. Inclusivity: Provide an mystical agnostic sacred container for ‘village’

and for the first 50 or so years…as long as our founder is still living…

8. Connection: Offer our practicing students at MUSEA University and the Intentional Creativity Museum time with Curate Shiloh Sophia. The Cura Council is meta, you practice with her while you practice for your village curation.
9. Structure: Provide a framework for how to create a circle without end that passes the teachings of each generation forward to the next guardians.

and most of all

  1. Love: Practice living big love together as we consciously choose to evolve

    If you would like to become a practicing student of our curriculum you can learn more here about our ORIGINS Certification Training.

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” Teilhard de Chardin

The Cura Council is subscription based. Full scholarships are available to those who choose. Those on scholarships will still get access to the 8 Ceremonies per year.

Who guides this experience: The gatherings of the CURA Council at the Quantum Commons are hosted by Curate Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud, founders of MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® A Museum, University, Sanctuary, Ecosystem and Atelier. MUSEA is the life work of Shiloh Sophia and is the evolution of her work from the past 27 years including Cosmic Cowgirls. The Cura Council is created in connection with the “E” in ecosystem in relationship to co-creation for earth.

Who is this for: We are open to all seekers with heart, who desire wisdom, have a love for creation and are desirous of a creative spiritual practice that is common amongst us. This is for those seeking the new ‘church’ or ‘temple’ that is inclusive and honoring of all traditions, yet unique since it is not blending of all, but an emergence of a futuristic spiritual path that is rooted in ancient wisdom.

Where do we gather? We will gather virtually but also have in person gatherings. The ‘Quantum Commons is a way to refer to the idea that we gather in a common space/place when we come together in these sacred cycles.

Why do we gather: We gather to LIVE into and really be with the teachings of the Red Thread that are a part of our living ecosystem at MUSEA


The pattern of our work rests in honoring the Wheel of the Year and in this way we honor our relationship with one another and all of creation. We meet 8 times a year on the Solstices and Equinoxes and at the mid-point between them and plan to gather for 500 years. We have already been gathering for 20 so we are 480 years in. You are in the right place if you have been feeling a calling to be a part of a vision that matters.

When and how do we gather globally? We meet on the 8 points of the year and have plans to gather for 500 years. Our meeting dates are: 12/21, 2/1, 3/21, 5/1, 6/21, 8/1, 9/23, 11/1 for approximately one hour. For now, the host technology is called zoom and we imagine it will change over time. Sometimes it will be livestream. Check the Wheel of the Years tab for more details and time zones.

When do we meet in person? November 1.2.3. Each Year. There will be gatherings at MUSEA in Sonoma hosted by the Cosmic Cowgirls and we have plans for our Cura Council members to gather at their global locations.

”We understand that many of us have been lost from our ancestral and cultural root system, and we seek a practice that is both ancient and futuristic, grounded and cosmic, sacred and wild, practical and mystical. I was speaking to a wise Elder who is studied in the medicine way and I told her about this vision for a circle without end. I have known her over twenty years and she has followed my work closely. She nodded slowly, looking at me with that eagle-eye intensity and said: “The gift of your time, over a long time is mending the sacred hoop and is what people need to heal” ~ Shiloh Sophia

Ancestor Acknowledgement: The Cura Council begins in honor of our Art Ancestors and continues into the future with your descendants through this lineage that you choose. The idea was conceived in February 22, 2023, the day Carmen Baraka, our Native American Elder walked on - this is when the 100 year circle became the 500 year circle. The vision is released to the world on March 29, 2023, the day Caron McCloud, our founder’s mother walked into her future.

Framework: This is a project of Cosmic Cowgirls and MUSEA and Shiloh Sophia McCloud. This is Shiloh Sophia’s great work offering to humanity. If she could only choose one thing to offer, and all else disappeared, this would be her project.

What is the investment?

Subscriptions are available as ‘scholarships’ which is complimentary for the time being - we must allow it to evolve but we don’t want to turn anyone away who wants to come. Tithing goes towards the investment it takes to bring you these experiences. Depending on our evolution and the generosity of those who can afford to tithe, we may be able to maintain scholarships for those who need it for lifetimes. Suggested tithing is $50 per Gathering = 399 = 33.33 a month (this includes 8 gatherings and monthly teachings from the Care for Creation Curriculum.

The time investments is 8-10 hours a year for you.

Who are you? You are a seeker, a finder, a creative, a mystic and a soul friend to those you love and that love you.

How do you know if The Cura Council is for you?

If you are looking to join The Cura Council you will say yes to least three on this list!

You are someone who….

  • who is seeking spiritual connectivity in an expansive framework that includes meditation, movement, ritual and amusement!

  • who questions traditions that do not feel aligned for you and you have been looking for JUST the thing to light up your path

  • who is curious how to evolve consciousness in community and is willing to explore practices and techniques for personal development

  • who feels comfortable enough with people having a different version of creation and creator than you do

  • who feels a desire to be a steward of earth and to be stewarded by earth wisdom

  • who believes self-expression can be a juicy part of spiritual practice and is open to creativity being a part of your life

  • whose heart is called by the ethos of a circle without end and is excited by being a part of something ‘bigger’ than we can do alone

  • who is called by honoring the cycles through the seasons of the year and being in relationship with nature and creation as sacred

  • who is looking for a “village” to be a part over a long span of time, experiencing a sense of continuity

  • who has done enough work not to project your paradigm onto others and are hip to not spiritually bypassing or at least learn

  • who is willing to look at the hard things of life with open eyes and who also wants plenty of time to play and party

  • who feels comfortable enough including the Divine Feminine in your practice in some way

  • and…perhaps most of all you are someone who seeks to be part of creating a council that will last beyond this lifetime

  • You may also be a student, graduate or leader within the Intentional Creativity Movement looking for real time connection with our founder, Curate Shiloh Sophia, this is her offering for you and her way of being with you.

What do we believe? We believe in care. Our Care for Creation Curriculum is at the root of our practice and always includes Intentional Creativity®.

These teachings will be shared over time with our guests and subscribers and focus on what it means to be human.

We seek to share in a creative spiritual framework rooted in reciprocity, exploration and curative common threads throughout the village.

We want to see what it will feel like to create something consistent instead of temporary and fleeting. The circle will start with our founder Shiloh Sophia and her husband Jonathan. They will begin passing the circle to other Curates within the community.

What is a curate? A Curate is a person who cares for the soul of the village, and is commonly a graduate of Musea University who have been trained in the arts of leading circles with a creative intent.

  • A Curate is an archetype that cares for the soul of the village. The ‘village’ is defined by the Curate, based on their great work and the art work that is alive for them - combined with the needs where they see they can be of service. The Cura Council is a ‘village’.

  • A Curate respects all of life and all of creation and seeks to be curative in their relationships providing compassion, care, connection, curation and intentional acts of creativity.

  • A Curate weaves with existing cultures that are open to weaving and finds the common thread between diversity and inter-connection.

  • A Curate acknowledges Source and Life and considers themselves messengers and stewards of co-creation. They are in rhythm with the cycles, moons, seasons and seeks to be in coherence with the patterns of life in the wheel of the year.

What are Cura Rituals: Red Thread Ceremony, Prayer, Movement, Elemental Practice, Wheel of the Year, Poetry, Storytelling, Metacognitive Drawing, Meditation, Tea with the Muse Times.

Continuity Location: We have a protected mailbox on Sonoma Mountain in California that will be available for mail for 500 years via the Cosmic Cowgirls. Paid subscribers will have access to the address and the land.

To learn even more visit Shiloh Sophia’s story about the Creation of the Cura Council

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Join us for a 500 Year Vision for the Quantum Commons .:=:. Let's Gather 8 Times as the Great Wheel of the Year Turns .:=:. We are Connected as a Village of Humanity .:=:. Guided by Curate Shiloh Sophia and All are Welcome.


I am a Curate, Futurist and Artist. I paint, I write stories and I call circle. I am a disruptor of dominant structures and an inventor of the quantum commons, the Curator for a musuem and Intentional Creativity is my cup of tea with the Muse.