Dear Ones,

We are delighted to offer full scholarships to those who need it. For those who want to support this work, receive value from the experiences and want to see this work put into the 500 year structure, thank you for your investment. You can invest $33.33. a month OR $400 a year. Thank you for your curiousity.

Your experience includes:

  • 8 Living Ceremonies for 500 Years (think long view)

  • 2 Podcasts from Curate Shiloh Sophia

  • Wheel of the Year 500 Year Calendar Poster

  • Invitation to participate in the Essential Wisdom Book Project

  • The Origins of Everything Hourlong Class

  • Five Things You Need to Know about Painting as Ritual Class

  • Dancing Between Worlds: Intuitive Painting 5 Hr. Class

  • Annual Wheel of the Year Teaching

This is all made possible through you and for you.