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Golden Infinity Heart Meditation + Our 4 Beautiful Brains

Golden Infinity Heart Meditation + Our 4 Beautiful Brains

This experience WILL improve your day and invite you to consciously choose interconnection. Do you have the time?

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The Prophecy Series Continued

Following the Flow - Painting available at Musette

Dear Cura Council Member,

Today I am inviting you to understand something about where are are as a species. Ready? We need to care for ourselves through conscious choice and interconnected physical and spiritual practice. We can CHOOSE how we will engage with the rate of change, by starting with our heart rate and how our heart informs the rest of our intelligent structures and systems and how we engage and experience them.

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, Author of Cured, tells us in his work on the pillars of healing that healing our stress response is essential.

Meditations like this one, The Ceremonies of the Cura Council and Intentional Creativity Path of Practice can help to engage in healing our stress response - starting with choice. We get a lot of advice about what to change, but HOW is the question. How is what I am here for, at least in regards to the parts of evolution that are within our power.

I got to interview Dr. Rediger last week about his story of trauma and his arrival at a methodology of spontaneous healing. We are leading a course with him and my dear friend, Dr. Lissa Rankin starting March 1 called Inspired. This will be an intersection of Intentional Creativity and the guidelines for Trauma-Informed care - which we call Trauma-Inspired.

Today’s Golden Infinity Heart Meditation invites conscious connection through the 4 communication centers of the body. Each center has an internal organ structure and a system that exists in how we EXPERIENCE that structure. For example, we connect the heart with love, this is not just an idea, this is based on how we perceive electromagnetism through our imagination, our sensations, and our cultural frameworks. Another example is that we connect the physical structure of the brain with experiences of things like mind, imagination, and consciousness - so we are working with tangible bodily structures and experiencing them through felt systems of awareness and perception. We can begin to increase flow and activate the internal systems connected with the Bliss Molecule. Activating this resonance and alignment is essential for vitality, and not just existing. We don’t assign meaning to every organ in general, although Chinese Medicine goes a long way towards that. But we do with these four brains, what I call the Centers of Communication which you will experience in the Meditation.

Here’s my counsel as part of the Prophecy Series on chosen evolution in community. Become conscious of the connection that already exists between the intelligent centers of your body. Choose to be a CoCreator with the internal bodily structures and how they inform our sensual experiences and nourish the flow of our somatic and spiritual systems.

If you appreciate the work we do for the Cura Council and the 8 Ceremonies a year honoring the Seasons and the Elements - including the 4 hours it took to bring you this post - consider becoming a contributing subscriber.

This choice to become conscious of internal interconnection and how that shapes how we FEEL - CHANGES EVERYTHING about how perceive life and our own bodily structures and systems. We have a capacity to increase bliss when we activate the internal receptors of our Endocannabinoid system. According to the National Library of Medicine: The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the brain primarily influences neuronal synaptic communication, and affects biological functions—including eating, anxiety, learning and memory, reproduction, metabolism, growth and development—via an array of actions throughout the nervous system.”

We can engage the ECS System by conscious choice and through nourishing it. There are things we can do like exercise, managing stress, increasing Omega-3, and believe it or not, eating organic deep dark chocolate! Also, the use of phytocannabinoids (hemp-based CBD - especially non-THC) feeds the ECS. We can improve by choice our sleep, mood, metabolism, appetite, pain perception, cardiovascular health, and inflammation. I will share more about this system as we continue as we are currently engaged in a research project connected with Intentional Creativity, the ECS, Identity, and Evolution.

Here at the Council, we nourish all of our regulatory systems and more through meditation and creativity to increase flow and inter-system communication and through our herbal apothecary of handmade medicines available at Musette in Sonoma and online. The four brains communicate across every system in the body, informing, aligning, and increasing flow.

As always in times of great change, some of us are going to evolve and adapt and some of us will not be able to for all different kinds of reasons. Those of us who can adapt, are, and the first choice in choosing to adapt is to do it on your own terms in alignment with your chosen identity. Not your default identity, not your personality, but WHO YOU ARE. Some of us will not be able to metabolize the changes, and some of us are struggling with how the changes feel in our bodies and in our mental health. (This is likely everyone if we will admit it) The Cura Council is a 500-year vision for CHOSEN EVOLUTION working with the soma, the spirit, the creative process, and community.

By the external world, we are being asked to move faster and in ways our bodies and spirits are NOT ready for. We feel it in our fatigue, in our rage, in our despair and in what I just call “I don’t want to play”. BUT WE HAVE CHOICE.

Here at The Cura Council which is part of the Sanctuary of MUSEA, we are inviting every single community member to be at cause for their own evolution and to do so through a clear and consistent Path of Practice with Intentional Creativity. Intentional Creativity is not a style, technique, or brand. Intentional Creativity is creating with love and mindfulness in everything we do and bringing purpose, and conscious choice into how we manifest our relationships and lifestyles.

Soon we will be opening access to my only new training this year, Animystica, a Certification for an Intentional Creativity Cura. Cura is the term we use for the return of the village healer. The Cura Council gathers 8 times a year virtually and every single month in Sonoma. In Sonoma, as part of a new Healing Arts Initiative, we are beginning to see private clients for everything from bodywork, intuitive readings, functional medicine coaching, and guided journeys. More on this in the future.

For now…enjoy the meditation and let me know what you think here, OR in our private app at imusea.

with heart,

Curate Shiloh Sophia

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