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What does consciousness look like?

What does consciousness look like?

Stories + Connecting Consciousness & Communication and an angle on the Critic

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Tree of Consciousness

Dear Hearts,
Sunday blessings to each of you. Today’s episode offers a focus on the connection between consciousness and communication.

  • repairing our relationship with how we speak to ourselves from within

  • therefore how we speak out in our lives and relationships

  • what does consciousness look like?

  • how painting can aid us in the repair

  • stories of my two mom’s including my mothers only two rules

  • shifting your relationship with the critic

  • becoming more clear and knowing when you aren’t - making distinctions

    Let me know what arose for you. Thinking of you ~ Shiloh Sophia

Beautiful Trees at MUSEA Center in SONOMA, California - Sunrise and Sunset

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The Cura Council Podcast
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